Start A Mobile Spray Tanning Business

Why Start a Mobile Spray Tanning Business?

Cheap Startup Costs

Imagine this: you start a business from your home, that you run from your home and it doesn’t require any type of loan to get started. Sounds pretty good right?

I know it seems like another one of those “get rich quick” schemes, but there is a big difference with this one: it can actually work if you do it correctly. Yes, it’s going to involve a little time and effort, but this is really a sound investment to make considering the income potential. You can do it just enough to pay your shopping bill, or you can turn it into a primary income source by putting in some effort.

There are several training programs for mobile spray tanning offered by large companies that stand to make a buck from the start, and a recurring buck when you buy their products. These programs will usually offer a bundle deal and they can cost thousands, but there’s good news: it doesn’t cost that much money to get started spray tanning – IF you know what you’re doing. The initial cost is where you will spend the most money (the machine and buying the initial stock of products), but once you buy these things the only overhead is solution, a few products (nose plugs, barrier cream, etc.), and a little maintenance on the machine.

While the costs of these machines can be very high, if you find the right deal it can be pretty reasonable. Finding the best machine in relation to the cost is a daunting task, but I have taken all of the leg-work out of it and made all of this available to you right here. It is completely possible to start a spray tanning business for around $300.

Spray Tanning is Perfect for Full-time Moms

It’s really tough to find that perfect business for stay-at-home moms which allows them to make a decent amount of money. A mobile spray tanning business is a really flexible small business to start which gives the business owner the freedom to schedule appointments around their lives. One of the best reasons mobile spray tanning is such a great fit is because the ideal time to get spray tanned is in the evening, and that’s usually when everyone has a little free time.

Being your own boss and earning some income with a little flexibility is something we all think about. It is completely possible with spray tanning if you take the correct approach. Follow the steps in this free online guide and you are well on your way to extra income and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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