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The Right Approach

Advertising your mobile spray tanning business, in the past would have been one of the biggest costs that you would incur. It can still be expensive if you don’t use the tools available to you now through things like Facebook and Twitter. Leveraging these tools properly combined with more traditional methods can be the difference between filling up that appointment book and having a bottle of solution sitting around for 6 months.

Advertising your mobile spray tanning business by word of mouth

The best form of promotion for your mobile spray tanning business is word of mouth. This is why you want every single client feeling great with their airbrush tan. You can pump thousands of dollars in advertising and buy the best equipment available, but if you don’t satisfy the customer with an awesome tan your business will not succeed.

On the other hand, if you do give a fabulous tan to everyone that steps in your tent or booth, they are going to tell everyone! This is one of the absolute advantages to deciding to start a mobile spray tanning business. Every customer you have is basically a walking billboard for you.

“Wow, your tan looks great. Where did you get it?”

“I get my spray tans at insert your business here.

Focus on pleasing your customers and making them want to come back, and they will bring others with them. A good promotion to run for a mobile spray tan business is get a free tan after paying for five. The profit margin is so high you can actually get away with giving a free tan away to a repeat customer after 3 tans. I would typically put a time limit on it like 5 weeks and then it resets.

So now that we have covered the absolute best and most obvious way of promoting your business, let’s talk about some of the other ways to market your mobile spray tanning business!

Social Media

The importance of advertising your spray tanning business with social media

facebook_advertising your mobile_spray_tanning_business

Let’s face it, everyone is connected on social media. That means your prospective clients are on there as well. It would be irresponsible from a business standpoint not to take full advantage of the opportunities that social media offers. The best part about Facebook and Twitter is that it is free advertising for your mobile spray tanning business. One of the first things you must do when you start your mobile spray tanning business is also start a Facebook fan page for it and create a Twitter account for it.

Facebook fan pages are pretty easy to set up and manage, you put in a little effort at the beginning and from there you just keep everyone updated with the latest news for your business. You manage the page as an administrator with your base account. After launching the page suggest it to your friends and politely ask them to like the page. You can target specific clients and every time you have a promotion or something going on you can let them know with a simple post on your fan page.

The more likes you receive on your fan page means there are more people you are going to reach with any type of news you can deliver them. When starting your mobile spray tanning business you should try to acquire as many likes as you possibly can. You can run special promotions on Facebook alone.

You might knock off $5 from the price of the tan if they like your page, or you could even do a random drawing for a free tan if they like your page. Make a post telling them to like the post and get entered to win a free tan. Write down the names of the people who like the post and put the names in a bowl. Make a video of the drawing, if you have a kid have them draw the name out of the hat (it’s cute and people love it). Post the video and announce the winner. After you give them the tan ask them if it’s alright to take a picture of their beautiful smiling face and post it on your page tagging them in the photo.

When you get one person to re-post something about your business they will reach all of the friends on their list which are prospective clients for your business. Be sure to spread the posting love and re-post things that other pages or friends post, they will be more likely to return the favor.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

After you have made a little money from your spray tanning business (always be willing to put money back in your business, this is how you grow), another effective way of building a following is to run an ad campaign. You can set how much money you want to spend and how long the ad lasts. Spending a couple bucks a day will bring more likes to your page.

The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can specifically target a certain demographic. Have the ad target females from 16-60 years old within a 10 mile radius and you will be surprised how many people you reach and how many will like your page. This gives you the opportunity to target people you would otherwise have no exposure to, and it’s really not very expensive.


Twitter advertising your mobile spray tanning business

Twitter for your business

Twitter offers you another great platform to reach customers. Twitter has blown up over the last year and everyone is using it. You should definitely leverage it as part of your mobile spray tanning business’s marketing. Setting up a Twitter account is really easy and the only thing you really have to worry about is following your customers, they will usually follow you back.

The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that you can only deliver messages in 140 characters on Twitter which means you need to be specific with what you say. Don’t just make tweets on the fly, although you can delete them, they could have already been re-tweeted and there’s nothing you can do about that. Before making a tweet about your business be sure you are completely satisfied with what it says. Add the appropriate hashtags (#), and wait for those potential customers to contact you.

After you have created your Twitter and Facebook accounts it is important to be active on them. Be there to answer questions people may have and introduce relevant content to them about spray tanning. Just make sure you don’t get to the point of spamming them with too much, this will cause them to stop following you. Advertising your mobile spray tanning business the right way on social media is important for it to grow.

Build a Website for your Mobile Spray Tanning Business

This is probably the most professional way of advertising your mobile spray tanning business on the Internet. Now you might think that you have to hire a Web manager or something like that, but that is simply not the case anymore. Designing a website has become so easy that anyone can do it. There’s a platform that was originally made for blogging (it has evolved so that it can be used for any type of website) that allows anyone to build a professional website. The name of this platform is WordPress, this site is built on it and it is recommended by so many as the way to go with a website.

For less than $100 a year you can have a professional website to keep connected with your customers. You can even install a plugin on your website to book your appointments for you and accept payments through Paypal. Having a website gives you credibility and that’s what you want. You want your customers to say, “wow, they know what they’re doing!” You really don’t have to have any technical experience to do it either.

You can build a blog on a few different sites and have a free website, but you will have that particular site in your domain (ex: which is not very professional looking. The best way to do it is buy a domain and hosting and then publish your page. You can get the domain for around $12-$15 per year, and dependable hosting for around $5 a month (you usually have to pay for a year at a time). There are other places to buy hosting cheaper, but you want a quality host that will keep your website up and running.

What you are doing when you purchase hosting is buying server space for your website, this is what will server your website to a customer when the type in your url or click a link on your Facebook page. Hostgator is a superb hosting service and they have allowed me to offer a discount to the readers here on Start Spray Tanning. When you sign up you can enter the coupon code: dependable, at registration and receive a $9.94 discount through this link. Click here for a dependable hosting service.

A domain is the url that belongs to your website. Anything you type into the address bar at the top of your Internet browser is a domain bought by someone for their website. Although there are several domain services available, I highly recommend using your hosting service to register your domain. It will save you some trouble from having to transfer your domain around. You can choose your domain based on the name of your business and Hostgator can let you know what is available through the registration process.

To learn everything you need to know about building a website for you mobile spray tanning business visit build a website for your mobile spray tanning business.

Traditional methods of advertising

There can still be a lot of value put in some traditional means of advertising, especially for a small business like mobile spray tanning. In order to do it without breaking the bank, it is important to use the methods that are the most affordable and the most effective. Knowing where to advertise will make your cost of advertising by traditional means cheaper, which is very important for a business in its early stages.

Business Cards/Brochures

Having a stack of business cards around is good for any small business. They actually offer a unique opportunity for your mobile spray tanning business. You can use the business cards to help run promotions, like the buy five get one free promotion. Put your company name and information on the front and check boxes on the back to keep track of how close they are getting to their free tan. You can mark it or punch it out on every visit and once they fill it up, the client can turn it in and get their free spray tan.

It’s also a good idea to have some professionally printed brochures made up so that you can post them around your area to help promote your business. It is completely possible to make your own brochures on something like Microsoft Word or Publisher for absolutely no cost to you. These are probably just as effective as a professionally printed brochures for hanging around town, but if you want to go to a trade show with your business it would probably be a good idea to have some professional versions made.

Vistaprint is a website that can make business cards, brochures, newsletters, signs, car magnets, and everything else you could want for your spray tan business. They usually offer a deal to get your first set of business cards free or really close to it, so check out that site to get you started. They have several designs you can choose from to guide you in the right direction on your business cards, and it really doesn’t take a lot of artistic skill to make an attractive card.

Good places to hang up flyers

In order to effectively advertise your mobile spray tanning business, you have to think about who your potential customers are. Although you will find some men who want a spray tan for the most part it is going to be of the female variety. The types of women who are going to be most interested in a spray tan are those about to attend a big event or one that doesn’t mind spending money on their appearance.

Knowing this, some of the places you could leave advertisements would be spas, hair salons, nail salons, bridal shops, dress stores, or gyms. You might even consider working out a deal with the owners of places like these to bring your equipment to their place of business once a week, and give them a small cut of what you make. It can even be a good idea to tan hair stylist at a discounted rate in exchange for a few referrals.

Television and Radio Ads

Running a small ad campaign on a local radio or television station is not as expensive as you might think. The rates vary, but it would probably be profitable to run a couple of ads during peak times. You can definitely spray tan all year long, but you will notice that business will pick up during the spring and through the summer.

Prom season is probably going to be your busiest time and if you are going to spend money on advertising of any kind that would be the best time to do it. Not only will it get you business for prom, but spring is when everyone starts preparing their look for the summer. This is a good time to get your name floating around.

Advertising is a must for any small business. Understanding how to do it cheap and effectively can bring great success to your business. Remember that people get spray tans to make themselves feel good. Drive this point home anytime you advertise and you will keep that appointment book full.

Yellow Pages

It is also a good idea to provide your business information in the local yellow pages (yes, there are still some traditional people who do not use the Internet for everything). It would also be a good idea to create a listing on yellowpages and yellowbook on the Internet. A lot of people have an app for one of these on their mobile device for finding phone numbers.

With Google’s localization strategies these listings will usually come up on the first page when someone types in your type of business in Google if Google knows their location (which they often will through various methods).

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